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February 03, 2005



So sad.


OMG!...Houston Baby I Love You And I Hope You Git All Tha Help You Need!..Cuz Boi You So Damn Fine And Yes I Do Like That!


i hope he gets beta cuz dat eye looks bad, he spoilt his buffness, i need to see him get bac to normal!


yourso damn dumb you ass wipe how could you do that gooooooooooooooood for u


where can u get a pic of it


where can u get a pic of it

Nucca plz

Seriously, what kind of fucking retard gouges his own eye out. He took the Bible literally and then gouges his eye out instead of burning in the depths of hell. Dumbass nucca.

Haitian Sensation

What the fuck was he thinking? He must of been possesed by voodoo.He needs medical help. I wonder where he's at? Probably in a nut house getting alot of treatment.


wurr do u see pics of this\

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